7BallRun is a betting product that is both an online casino game and a sports betting product.

These 2 segments of the on-line gambling market together comprise 72% of the $1 trillion per year gambled on-line globally.

7BallRun is a patented and trademarked breakless cue sports game to be played by professionals in a Company controlled venue. The sole purpose of the live game is for betting operators to take bets on the outcome of shots or series of shots made during the game.

7BallRun 7BallRun 7BallRun

The vision behind the game came from golf. Cue sports legend Earl Strickland said years ago “you need to take the break out of billiards, then it will be more like golf.” Golf and 7BallRun are the only widely viewed games that involve purely player vs. landscape, where no other participant can interfere with the skill-based result.

In about 2015 Jason Lahser and Australian cue sports hall of famer Seaun Budd came up an idea for a post break cue sports game with odds of run outs. Lahser applied for related patents in various countries, but they expired. In 2017 the 7BallRun innovation was written up and patents were applied for the “Method and apparatus for predicting the outcome of shots in cue sports.” The patents were subsequently granted.

The 7BallRun patents and all related IP were the subject of litigation in Nevada from March 2019 to October 2021. A Court directed settlement in October 2021 resulted in the current ownership of all 7BallRun IP.

During 2017 and 2018, prior to the litigation, substantial progress was made on 7BallRun.

  • Sport Radar AG agreed to be the master distributor, subject to final contract.
  • Neil Robertson agreed to be named brand ambassador.
  • Exhibitions were held in Australia and London, with legends Jimmy White and Neil Robertson playing.
  • The largest bookmaker in Russia surveyed their customers on a live demo 7BR game and got very positive feedback.
  • GLI Certification was granted for the game, making it acceptable to all bookmakers and operators.

Thousands of run outs were tested by professional players in a Las Vegas studio, and hundreds of hours and thousands of games were recorded to produce real odds using the 7BallRun algorithm. Hundreds of randomly generated ball patterns have been tested by professional players hundreds of times, with the statistical data fed into our database.


Markets Every 4 Minutes


Yes on the Runout


No on the Runout


Ball to missed if NO


Hard Ball MISSED


Hard Ball POTTED

The Game

  • Two 9-foot billiard tables in secure “faraday cage” rooms, with ceiling mounted projectors, and video cameras live streaming the games.
  • Professional players attempting to run out, in sequence, 7 balls pre-set in a specific pattern projected on the table by our computers. (A setter is in each room to set the balls). The players are only paid if they succeeds in running out all balls in sequence. Pre-set patterns are easy to hard, and randomly chosen by computer.
  • A monitor outside the playing room operating a computer that chooses the random ball patterns, and chooses randomly which of the 2 live games will be made into a live streamed market.
  • Live stream of the games and real odds. The real odds of success of the sequential complete run-out are known by our algorithm run on the test data. These real odds are pre and live streamed along with the live video to operators, who then spread the odds and offer their customers a chance to bet yes or no on the run out.
  • Each player has no idea if his game is being made into a live market or not, and has no ability to communicate with anyone outside the cage. And he has full incentive to make his best effort to run out the balls. The game is resistant to corruption.

The “hard ball” market is key to the popularity of the 7BR betting product. Our data gives us the real odds of which ball is missed most often on any particular pattern that is not run out. Almost all bettors who bet No on the pattern run out will double down on the hard ball bet to maximize his or her potential winnings.

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